Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Let Her Be Two.

"MOMMY! Open your eyes. We want to get up."

Ugh. Is it morning already?
I feel like I just laid down to go to sleep.

Kid #3 from the other room:
"Mom I peed in my diaper!!! Come get meeees out."

Kid #2 from the same room as kid #3:
"Mom, come get me out of mys crib. I want my football."
Pull yourself together. Get up and get started. Besides, at least the baby isn't crying.....
I hate mornings. I hate morning's not so much because it's morning, but because it takes time to get in the swing of things. I have so much to do for 4 little people and they seem to all need me at the same time.
Change the older kids, change the baby, let the dog out, make breakfast (don't eat the bagel. It's all carbs and carbs make you fat. Don't Eat It! Great. Now you just ruined your whole day!), clean up dishes from the night before that I forgot  was to tired to wash up.....
On this particular morning sweet girl twin work up quite whiney. She didn't want to wear that shirt.
"Just put it on! It's just cloths! Wear it!!!!"
She didn't want to walk down the stairs.
"You are a big girl, I am not carrying you!!!"

She didn't want to eat that breakfast.

"I'm not making you special food. Eat it or don't eat."
All said with to loud a tone,
too many explanation points
and not a bit of love.
"STOP WHINING! I do not what to hear it!"
I do not know how many times in that 20 minute span I told her to quit whining. I didn't want to hear it. By the time I finally decided to get on her level and actually ask her what was wrong, she didn't want to talk to me. Imagine that.
"Fine. I tried, if you don't want to tell me what's wrong then stop whining."
It's then that I heard the Lord lovingly say,
"She's two. You spent the last 20 minutes telling her to be quiet. Just let her be two."
Oh, so I am just suppose to let her whine all day Lord. Great.
We were headed to the gym and running late. I was putting shoes on everyone and she was still whining. Then it hit me. Just let her be two.
"Come here baby."
Sweet little girl climbed in my lap while I was sitting on the cold floor. With one shoe off and one shoe on we sat. Her head snuggled up to my neck so that I could feel the soft wisps of her hair on my face. Her body so close to mine, I could smell her sweet, still innocent skin. Just let her be two. We sat, I asked if she was ok. She nodded. I told her I was sorry. She nodded. I rocked her tiny little body and told her I loved her. She nodded. We sat and I let her be two. When I asked if she was ready to go, she nodded. She hoped out of my lap and jumped into the car, smile on her face.
Just let her be two.
What if I had done the holding and the rocking and the loving, before doing the breakfast and the dishes and the yelling? What if I had just let her be two from the start?
Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. Thankful for the quick forgiveness from my two year old and my Lord. Thankful for a lesson learned, spoken to me in love, when I was not demonstrating love. Thankful that I get to let her be two for a half a year more! 


  1. I like this lesson. It's a good one for many ages. Sometimes we forget that people need just a couple extra minutes at times.
    Thanks Leigh Ann. This story is MUCH appreciated.

    1. Yay! Glad you liked it and found it helpful Molli. I'm thinking instead of counseling, my kids can just go back and read the blog. Haha

  2. Beautiful! It is so hard sometimes to remember that they are only X years old. We just want things to go OUR way at OUR time. Being a mom is rough! I'm glad you had this moment today. Good luck and hang in there.