Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today I will

Today I will.....
....Remember that my children are not my own. They belong to God. They are HIS and I am borrowing them. I will remember that HE loves them more then I do.

Today I will
.......Remember that being a toddler is hard.
I will remember that being a mom of a toddler (or 3!) is hard.
Today I will give us both grace as we lean to be a toddler and a grown up with a toddler!

Today I will..... both fruitful and productive.
Both are valuable. Both are important.
But if the day dictates that I must choose- I will chose to be fruitful!

Today I will.....
......Not get frustrated with my children for being children.
Instead I will remember that God has charged me with training and teaching them. That I model the behavior that they will imitate. I will remember that my children are learning and that I GET to teach them. I will remember what a blessing that is!!  

Today I will......
....Remember that the only effective disciple is that which is done in love. I will discipline my children with love and I will speak words to them in love.

Today I will.....
.....Remember that my words have more power then I can fathom. Planting a seed today may in fact reap an abundant harvest in the future. I will remember to water and nurture that seed when ever I am given the chance!

Today I will......
....Remember that everyone I meet is fighting a battle that I know nothing about. I will give the grumpy old man at the grocery store grace. I will wave and smile at the person who cuts me off in traffic. I will remember that I too am fighting a battle and I also deserve grace.

Today I will....
.....Remember that my husband is my team mate. We are on the same team! We are not opponents. We are on the same team! We play for the same coach (God), we protect the same goal (our marriage and our kids) we run towards the same goal line (that our lives, our family will be a testament for god's kingdom).  I will remember that he too is fighting a battle and that he also deserves grace!

Today I will.....
......Remember that the inner voice in my head is not always right. I will tell that inner voice to speak truth. I will silence that inner voice when it try's to tell me lies about myself, my looks or my worth.

Today I will....
....Remember that the choices I make today will effect generations who follow me. I will remember that my obedience to God is more important then the acceptance of this world. Because as society changes in how they see success and worth, God Word never does. To society I may be loved and accepted one day and the next not. But to God I am loved and accepted every day.

Today I will.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

"And this is the confidence that we have in him, that,
if we ask any thing according to his will, he hears us"
-1 John 5:14

"Don't judge a book by it's cover."

That's what I kept thinking after I got off the phone with one of my girlfriends. She shared some devastating news with me. The kind of news that is all to common in our society but devastating none the less.

She was the girl that had it all together. I love her dearly but I have also always been *slightly* jealous of her. She has many traits that I often wish I had!

To be honest after talking with her and hearing her news, I felt terrible. I totally judged her, and I got it all wrong. I always thought she had it together, that things were perfect for her. But they aren't. And silly me for thinking that way, they aren't for anyone!

I can honestly say all these years we have been friends and I have barely prayed for her. I have a few friends who are going though tough spots right now. They have been open with sharing their struggles with me so I have been diligent on praying for them.

But her. She had it all together, she didn't need prayer! Oh how wrong I was.

See, the mistake I made was thinking that only people in my life who were in tough spots need prayer. But we all need it. We all do, all the time. If we aren't in a tough spot now, its because we just got out of one or we are headed into one. That's just life.

Now, I am not saying that by my lack of prayer I contributed directly to her issue. But prayer is important for many, many reasons. One of which is to bring us closer to God and another is to bring us closer to each other.

Had I been praying for her, despite my incorrect assessment that her life was perfect (and my admitted jealousy), I may have been more in tune with knowing what was going on with her.  I would have been checking in on her on a more regular basis. I would have known sooner that something was a miss and that might have made a difference!

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

And don't judge your friends by what you see on Facebook.

We all have issues that we keep inside and don't share. We all have things we need prayer for.

I encourage you to reach out to that women who you think has it all together. Reach out to her and ask her how she is really?! And ask her what you can pray for her about. Chances are that if you think she's got it together, others do to. This may leave her uncovered by important prayer!

I had a Facebook friend who posted a picture of her empty calendar. She told her friends that she wanted to pray for them. Pick and day and she would pray specifically on that day for their specific need. I loved this idea, so I copied it.

I asked all of my friends to tell me what they needed and on what day. Folks, it was shocking who needed pray and for what! Some posted on my wall and others privet messaged me with their pray requests. I was taken aback by the amount of people who I thought were leading happy non-prayer-needing-lives, but were really craving prayer!

I am sad for my friend. I am sad that I let her down in prayer! But, remember, where we mess up, Jesus cleans up! I encourage you to take two minuets right now and pray for that one women in your life who you think has it all together.  Because I guarantee you, she doesn't.

Pray without ceasing.
 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How God Used A Pair of Scissors & A Toilet to Remind Me That He Loves Me.

My husband and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary next Saturday.  Years ago if you asked me to make a list of what I thought was important in a spouse I may have said something like this:

-Good looking
-Likes to travel (which is so silly because I am a total home body!)
-Not too controlling (or dominate).
-I also remember telling someone, "My husband WILL wear a wedding ring or I wont marry him."
-Loyal and faithful in marriage.
-Someone who loves animals

After 6 years of marriage and 4 kids, looking at this list I see so much fault in it! Some of these things are so totally not important! But, even though my head knows this, some days I forget how lucky I am. A few days ago God used my son to help me remember!

I was upstairs changing the baby when my oldest came up and said, in the whiniest voice she could muster up:

"Brother tried to flush my Ellie down the potty." (Ellie is a soft yellow lovie blanket with an elephant's head on it.)

"Oh no, did it get stuck?" I replied.

"No. It's still in the potty, I didn't want to take it out and make a mess."

"Thank you kiddo." I was amazed at the maturity of my 4 year old and thankful I didn't have to clean up toilet water all over the house.....

Enter my almost 3 year old girl twin, holing a toilet-water soaked Ellie. "I got Ellie." Awesome. There was a trail of toilet water through the enter house! Aaaaaaa!!

Okay. Deep. Breath. No worries....At least the potty isn't clogged!

At this point I made the biggest mistake! I first told my son that we don't ever play in the potty. The only things we put in the potty is pee-pee and poo-poo. Disobedience will result in a spanking! Then I asked him if he flushed anything else down the potty.



On this particular day everyone and their brother (literal) had to poop. A lot. And of course the potty wasn't working right. I kept plunging and plunging. But I couldn't get it working. My hubby came home around 7 and worked on it a bit. He decide that he needed to remove the toilet and investigate. So, toilet in the front yard, he busted it open and there it was:

The boy flushed scissors.  

To keep from crying I laughed.
And took a picture.
See, we have one bathroom in the house. One bathroom and one potty. A broken potty in the front yard means no potty to pee in.
My hubby had had a hard and long day at work. He had lots of book work to do for his company. Instead of showering and eating dinner and doing his book work, he was headed back to Home Depot to buy a toilet for us. It was 8 pm.
If it were me, I would have thrown a fit.  A tantrum. A tantrum fit for a 2 year old (I know how to do this really well. I have 4 little people that have taught me!) 
I would have yelled at me and said something mean like, "Don't you watch the kids? Why would you let him do this? Do you know how hard I have worked all day? Do you know how much I still have to do?"
I mean, I do this almost daily.  I get the kids in bed and then complain in my head about all I still have to do! I worked so hard all day and I still have laundry to do, dishes to wash and a husband to feed. (And don't forget that I didn't fit in my work out or my quiet time.....again.) I mumble and groan and get grumpy.
My husband on the other hand looked at me and said, "I'll be back." Gave me a kiss and a smile and was off. I was truly amazed at what a man I got!! I got lucky. Super lucky!
Headed into marriage I didn't think about how important it would be to have a man who was a hard worker.  Someone who was slow to anger and slow to speak. Someone who found immense value in a stay at home wife and mom.  Someone who understands that being "rich" has nothing to do with your bank account.
Six years ago I wasn't thinking about any of those things. But I got them. I got them all because even before I knew it, God was protecting me and was watching over me. He had a plan for my life and knew that I needed this man to carry it out!
Happy anniversary babe! You are an amazing man and I am so very thankful for you!!