Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1. being intentional with my relationship with my husband
2. running my home and
3. training our kids
I find it easiest and that I do my best job with our home. Maybe its because the house doesn't talk back?! Relationships are hard work, but to run a home all I need is a schedule! So, with that being said, I decided my first post with how I am purposeful with running our home.

It can become very overwhelming with all the responsibilities that a homemaker has. I, for one, get very overwhelmed by clutter. With 6 people (four if which are less then 4 years old) living in a small, old (very old) farm house, there is a lot of clutter. If I am not careful, I can let cleaning get in the way of life. I am very structured an like a routine. So here is how I keep our home under control:

Monday: Clean bathroom
Tuesday: Clean refrigerator
Wednesday: Food shopping
Thursday: Wash floors
Friday: Straighten up upstairs rooms and vacuuming
Saturday: Change bed sheets/ crib sheets
Sunday: Rest (or try too- I am not good at resting!)

Everyday: Sweep, vacuum downstairs rooms, wash dishes, do 2-4 loads of laundry, sort mail and pay any bills that are due. 

I read somewhere its better to have a rhythm, then a schedule. Schedule can put pressure on us if we don't get them done. Thinking of this as a rhythm to our home is better for me. If on Monday I didn't clean the bathroom- then I don't stress (or....I try not to stress). Monday will come next week, and if it doesn't it means Jesus has returned and I am in heaven- so who cares if my bathroom us dirty! (But in reality it's more like the Tuesday job that gets missed- I hate cleaning the fridge!!)

If we (me and the kids) are headed out for the day I like to pick up the house before we leave. That way when we return we are not walking into a mess - less stress on mama, means a happier evening! Also, I like to have the house in as much order as possible before my husband comes home. He works long hard hours and I want our home to be a place that feels relaxing to him- not a stressful environment. We have never discussed this. He has never asked me to keep the house clean for him- it's just something I like to do to serve him as his wife.

What are some ways that work for you to keep your home in order? Do you have a rhythm to you cleaning and organizing, or is it chaotic? I would love to hear what works for you!!


  1. I love to get the house cleaned up before we leave and also before I go to sleep! I feel so much better if stuff is picked up off the ground when I wake up and when I come home :) We have more of a rhythm but I do need a cleaning schedule for sure!

    1. I think the rhythm is so good- but having a schedule is important too. If we don't have a schedule and we are not purposeful about how we care for our home, important things can get missed. It is definitely a balance though- I don't want to spend the whole day cleaning a miss life because I was SO concerned about the house. Thanks for your encouragment Elsiha! You have been an inspiration to me!

  2. I am the same way! I have to pick up the house before I can go to bed. I usually clean as we make messes, but if there is anything has to be put away before I go to bed, so we can wake up with a house in order and start our day off right ;) I am in the process of making a cleaning schedule for the summer, so this is motivating for sure. Thanks Leigh-anne. Love the blog.

    Jamie :)

  3. Thanks Jamie! I agree with getting the house in order before bed as well! It's nice to start the day off on the right foot! Thanks for stoping by and commenting!