Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mommy 'Unplugged'

Today I got out of the house without kids. Not a single kid went with me! For a mom of 4 kids all under 4 years old, that is an amazing, almost impossible thing.

I have a sweet friend who has 2 kids of her own. Her youngest and my youngest were actually born on the same day (which is the best kind of twins- a mommy for each baby)! She brought her two kids over and watched all 6 kids while I went out for a bit.

I rarely get out of the house without at least one or two kids in toe. In fact it has only happened one other time in the last 5 months, and that was when I was visiting a friend in the hospital, so I was not allowed to take them with me.

I have people tell me all the time that I need to get away from the kids to be a better mom. That I deserve to get away. I just simply don't agree. What I deserve is hell, and only by the amazing grace of God, will I not end up there. I dislike being without my kids and I hate the idea of 'me time.' I recognize that my sweet kids will only be this young for such a short time. My mission field is my home- my husband and my children. If I want to make the greatest impact on their lives, then I need to be present in their lives. I know there will come a day when I will again have all the 'me time' I can dream of.

Well, my friend offered to watch our kids so that my hubby and I could have an afternoon date. My hard working man had to work (on the opening day of hunting season I might add- the best time of year, if you were to ask him).  She offered to still watch the kids so I could do something I would like to do. I struggled with the decision to go out or not. But I really wanted to see a movie. There are a lot of things you can do with your kids and movies just are not one of them!

I spend my days singing songs like:

"Be careful little eyes what you see, 
oh, be careful little eyes what you see. 
There's a Father up above who's looking down in love, 
so be careful little eyes what you see." 

I didn't want to see something that was violent, or sexual, or filthy. I didn't want my little eyes to see something that I wouldn't want their little eyes seeing. Violent, sexual and filthy seems to be all that's out there. Then I came across this little gem, Grace Unplugged. I was so excited. It's about a young Christian worship singer who thinks she wants to try to make it big in Hollywood. Whoop, whoop. I was going to the movies!

I rolled my windows down and turned the radio up! This song has been stuck in my head all week! I have not had a chance to get the CD yet, so I played it on YouTube through the car radio- over and over and over....

The movie was great. It was well acted. They talked about Jesus and sang worship songs. There wasn't a naked body or a bad word in the entire movie! Because I don't get away without kids much, I didn't want to wast the time on something that would have drawn my heart away from God. This movie was perfect to draw my heart closer to Him! 

This world says, "You deserve to be happy. If your marriage doesn't make you happy, get a new one. If you kids don't make you happy, get away from them. If your closet full of cloths don't make you happy, go spend more money." 

We live in a world that says- If you are not happy, then search around for what will make you happy. Shop more, spend more, drink more, party more. 

Friends, listen. The only searching you need to do is for Jesus. He is the only one that can heal a broken heart and can fill a void you didn't even realize you had. People say, "time heals all wounds." They are wrong. Jesus heals all wounds. Bad things happen in this life. They will happen to us all, believers or not. Death happens, car crashes happen, cancer happens, divorces and the betrayal of trust happens.  Gossip and hurt feelings and broken friendships happen. The only difference is those who have Jesus, also have hope.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

Biblical hope is confidence and assurance that we do not face the troubles of this life alone.  If you do not know Jesus, I encourage you to give Him a chance.  He will only impact your life for the better. His love is perfect and His heart is pure. He is trustworthy and he loves you more then you could ever imagine. 

I love the blog Women Living Well. She recently posted this on facebook.

I love this! It sums up what my journey as a wife and mom is. This life is not about me. It's not about me. It's about Jesus and the people I can impact for Him. My choice to follow Jesus will impact generations to come. My good (or bad) choices will affect people who may never even see my face. That is humbling! That makes me want to think of others more and myself less! 

I hope and pray that I am able to bless you though this blog. Please let me know how I can pray for you!

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